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Taking A Line For a Walk - Lesley Keen

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Taking a Line for a Walk - Paul Klee homage by Lesley Keen. Taking a Line For a Walk animation, as aired on Channel 4 - Beyond Dope Sheet.


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Conceived, animated and directed by Emma Calder.Springfield is a film about a vacuum cleaner, a cat, and a bingo hall. Using a wide range of drawing techniques, and working closely with a specially composed soundtrack, the story explores loss, alienation, and the psychological effects these things can have upon people in our society. Ultimately Springfield is about coming to terms with obsession, desperation and personal fear.Shown at animation festivals CH4 TV and world wide TV. Many press...

Creature Comforts The Zoo 2 better sound

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the most wild wild animals attack video ever seen

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Funniest Unlikely Animal Friendships Compilation | Funny Pet Videos

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Brand new weekly theme compilation of different pets forming the most unlikely friendships. Watch dogs, cats, birds, goats, monkeys and more become BFFs! Check out Team Internet"e;s newest Lost Vlog out the "Yelp This" music video from Team Internet us a link to your video if you would like to see it in one of our...